Your business partner
for your growth and
marketing challenges

Identify your company’s growth opportunities. Create a unique, value-added offer…


Increase your market share.
Position your company and reach
new markets…


Promote your trademark
while organizing a branding and
distribution strategy…

Strategic business development

Béland Strategies is your partner for business growth. Our turnkey solutions are based on strategic action plans that increase profits and set you apart from the competition. 
Béland Strategies works with companies that are seeking a strategic business development system and unique position within their markets.
We can help you:

  • Identify growth opportunities
  • Create an exceptional, value-added offer
  • Increase sales
  • Turn a higher profit.

We are unique in our ability to accompany clients through the development of business strategies and operational marketing in the evaluation and implementation of action plans.
We are firmly committed to the complete satisfaction of our clients.
François Béland BAA,